The House of the Gods

Si’theran, the Lord
domains: light, nature
known as “The Shining” and brother to the Lady, Si’theran orders the seasons and numbers the days, giving each blade of grass its chance to grow; he carved Gods Gate from his own heart

Si’thea, the Lady
domains: death, war
known as “The Rose” and sister to the Lord, Si’thea commands the armies of the gods with her right hand and holds their deaths in her left

Illan, the Knight
domains: light, war
known as “The Heron” for his golden sword, he fights at the head of the army of the gods; every night at his Lady’s command, he battles the Serpentine Unending at Gods Gate, and every morning, he emerges from the ashes of his corpse, ready to fight again

Feone, the Gardener
domains: life, nature
known as “the Banded”, Feone chooses a new body and gender every day, embracing every aspect of his/her/its nature; often Illan’s lover and the target of Ondei’s schemes

Threusk, the Scholar
domains: knowledge, life
known as “The Scales”, Threusk balances each mortal’s actions upon death and records the results in his ledgers; his library holds everything that is known or ever has been known in the world

Enud, the Archer
domains: knowledge, war
known as “The Razor”, his arrows point out where the Serpentine Unending’s next attack will be; he fights from a distance, studying his enemies long before striking

Meeric, the Jester
domains: tempest, trickery
known as “The Shackle” for chaining the Lord in a joke 500 days long, her tricks are as often pointed at the House of the Gods as the Serpentine Unending, giving her a fickle reputation

Those Who Stand Outside

Ondei, the Traitor
domains: trickery, tempest
once known as “The Lover”, he turned against the House of the Gods when spurned by Illan; now he works to undermine the House and the world order it represents

The Serpentine Unending
domains: death, death, and more death
The Serpentine Unending is less of a deity and more a force of overwhelming nature; it batters nightly at Gods Gate with its thousand tongues, and for every tongue severed, a new one appears


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