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  • Castolas

    Castolas is a wild elf rogue with an adventurous spirit, and the aunt of [[:finzuleimyn | Finzuleimyn]]. She has been missing for a few years, and Finzuleimyn has begun the search for her in earnest.

  • Turnuroth Tuljhan the Eye

    Many years ago, Turnuroth Tuljhan the Eye, commissioned an adventuring team, including Gavique of the Silver Shield, to protect him while on one of many investigations into ancient extra-planar cultures. During this adventure, his group headed to the dry …

  • Setheril

    A druid acquaintance of [[:gavique | Gavique's]] who may have information about the whereabouts of smoe of the survivors of the original party, as well as other important, but unspecified information. Should be at the [[Fort of the WIlder King]]

  • The Villain Known as "Z"

    The mysterious correspondent who commanded Klarg to continue burning down farms in [[Littlebrook | LIttlebrook]] until he found "it", which we believe to be an ossuary. Described as a "bony elf" (not Zad, as he is a human). Probably up to no good.

  • Yeemik

    Yeemik is a goblin "paladin" who parlayed with the party. He offered to release [[:setheril | Setheril]] from captivity in return for removing Klarg the bugbear as leader of the inhabitants of the cave. Yeemik stated his intentions were to take his …

  • Klarg

    Klarg was a bugbear who was organizing raids against the farms of Littlebrook, based out of the nearby goblin cave. Klag is dead, by our hands. He was a right bastard and will not be missed. _(Extra note scribbled along bottom of bio: "Klarg big …

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