Yeemik smartest goblin in world. Yeemik trick stupid adventurers and make kill Klarg dead! Now no more Klarg and Yeemik rule everyone. Yeemik use Klarg head for footstool if head not rot so fast. Yay, Yeemik!


Yeemik is a goblin “paladin” who parlayed with the party. He offered to release Setheril from captivity in return for removing Klarg the bugbear as leader of the inhabitants of the cave.

Yeemik stated his intentions were to take his remaining goblin followers an leave for a safer and more profitable locale before the arrival of the mysterious Z.

(Scribbled at the bottom of the entry: “Too many big words—all stupid reader need know is Yeemik smart, handsome goblin and supreme leader all goblins! All hail Yeemik! —Yeemik”)


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