Turnuroth Tuljhan the Eye


Dragonborn Bard, Lead Researcher of the Turnuroth clan’s Monastery of Knowledge

Currently contagiously maddened by an unknown source while investigating the lair of the blue dragon, Ashkazar the Windreaver.


Many years ago, Turnuroth Tuljhan the Eye, commissioned an adventuring team, including Gavique of the Silver Shield, to protect him while on one of many investigations into ancient extra-planar cultures. During this adventure, his group headed to the dry steppes populated by the nomadic orc tribe Marrow Reapers, and cautiously watched over by a blue dragon known as Ashkazar the Windreaver.

There, in the high cliffs bordering the steppes where Ashkazar was known to lair, he brought the group, struggling to keep them focused on his goal as they became increasingly embroiled in the local orc politics. Then when chaos broke out, the party was split as the Marrow Reapers massed to drive the interlopers out, and to attempt to slaughter Morratag, the tribe’s wizard, and second son of Chief Mogok. While Ashkazar joined the Marrow Reapers in driving back the threats to her dominion, Tuljhan led his remaining group into the now empty dragon’s lair hidden in the cliffs. There, against all odds, he found what it was he was looking for.

Returning to the Turnuroth clan, what tales he shared were as tattered as his mind had become, as his madness from this journey took hold. The clan did not approve. The words Tuljhan spoke drove at least seven others mad before they locked him away, deep in the vaults of the monastery, to be tended only by those too deaf to make sense of what he speaks.

Turnuroth Tuljhan the Eye

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