House of the Gods

Session 3: Greenburrow Ossuary

Dead Family and their Dirty Grounds

We explored the still smoking remains of the Greenburrow farm house, within which we fought the reanimated, smoke-belching corpses of the parents, daughter, and twins.

Within a chest in the in the master bedroom we found an old, tarnished holy symbol that seems to be from some sort of sect of a cult devoted to the Serpentine Unending. It seemed to match a tattoo found on pappa greenburrow.

In the nearly collapsed basement we found a secret door that lead us southward through a tunnel. The first stop of the tunnel had us encounter a vicious little dust mephit in his library. It would seem that the mephit had something to do with raising the family as undead since they seemed to have extra dusty powers above and beyond regular zombitudinosity.

Found quite the book collection there, along with a wand of detect magic with 3 charges.

Continued on to find a charnel pit underground with a trapdoor over it. Used the wand to detect magic, and after debasing ourselves in that hellish goo pit, discovered what turned out to be a gem of elemental summoning. Without this we would later be TOAST.

Within the Ossuary, we found a bone gate that could be opened with Darvella’s freely offered blood. Beyond that door we fought a spectre and a bunch of clacking skull minions. Note to self: don’t let a spectre touch your private places. Edmund cracked open the gem and summoned Airy Potter the air elemental, who turned out to be nigh indestructible.

In the final room we found a lot of angry skeletons and whatnot guarding a box made of finger bones. When Edmund had Airy lay waste to the skeletons and then fetch him the box, the box did 1 point of necrotic damage, Edmund failed his concentration roll, and we all almost had to roll up new characters as Airy turned on his former masters. Fortunately G’tag talked the fiend from another plane down and we made it out in one piece.

On the way out we started an oily fire in the charnel/trapdoor room so that we could find that spot topside.

And that’s about where we called it. We intend to see if the remaining son has a similar tattoo of evil, and ask him what he knows. And also consider what to do with the fingerbox.

The books collected from the Ossuary library are cataloged here.



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