House of the Gods

Session 1: Five Met In Fourmont

The Beginnening

Everyone meets in Fourmont. Gavique tells us to seek out Setheril near the Fort of the Wilderking. The way to the Fort of the Wilderking is difficult to navigate, so she recommends that we make our way to Littlebrook, and there engage the services of Ellicott who can guide us the rest of the way.

On the way to Littlebrook we rescue a mother and son from goblins who had ambushed their wagon. We escort them back to LIttlebrook.

Upon arriving in Littlebrook, we learn that more goblins are harassing the outlying farms, and that Ellicott has gone scouting to look for their base of operations. Edmund finesses the lock at Ellicott’s cabin, and therein we find a sketched map of the nearby area that indicate three possible locations that could house goblin marauders.

At the first location, Edmund and Finzuleimyn are nearly devoured by giant spiders in a cave. The only goblins there were dried husks.

The second location held a sleeping owlbear, also in a cave, who we let off easy this time, because we were feeling generous.

The third location proved to be the cave we wanted. Always the last place you look, they say. We made several attempts to infiltrate the cave, with varying degrees of success, but between worgs, goblin ambushers, and tidal flume traps, our team put the “T” in sTraTegic reTreaT.

While we tended to our wounds in the night a mile or so away from the cave, the howls of a goblin/worg warband were heard moving toward Littlebrook. Not long after, flames and smoke could be seen rising from the town.

Torn between a sense that we must be responsible for the attack on the town and the pragmatism that we could not make it back in time to help in any meaningful way with Finzuleimyn as wounded as he was, we decided to take another crack at the goblin cave the next day.

I think this is where we stopped the first session, but I may be misremembering. – Scott



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